Design, Personalization, Development & Makeover


Creation & Development

Bring your project to life through an attractive, original website that can be adapted to all screens!

OneClic Agency is pleased to provide you with a simple, efficient and operational online platform with lower costs and deadlines.

Our experienced team will be happy to provide you with the best design tailored to your business, approach and strategy.

Although your site is created, we support you throughout your project in order to make all the changes you want to have in the future, as well as develop your visibility and optimize your site through SEO.

This whole process will be orchestrated by your own guidelines!

Custom Website

Having a website to promote your products and services is obviously essential, but every detail needs to be presented independently.

It is to this extent that we are at your service to assist you in personalizing your website according to the features and display that are granted to it.

A complete expertise is assigned to you:

⇢ Adaptation of the graphic theme
⇢ Adequate accommodation
⇢ SEO optimization


E-commerce site

Whatever the nature of your business, OneClic Agency is committed to creating your online store with well thought out ergonomics, the final objective of which is to design an easy-to-use site, where information is easily and artistically accessible.

We guarantee you navigation that facilitates sales and features properly put online to encourage your visitors to purchase.

In addition, you will benefit from your payment kit with the leaders of online payment while exempting you from the costs of its installation on your website.

Website Makeover

Do you think your website is outdated?

Do you think it lacks traffic and dynamism? Don't panic! All you have to do is give it a makeover and makeover for it to regain its freshness!

At OneClic Agency we intervene to support you in improving the content and form of website glass while questioning your business, values and final objectives.


Our main objectives of a website redesign are in brief:

⇢ The creation of a responsive design website (compatible with screens of all sizes and with all browsers).

⇢ A softer and smoother Web design.

⇢ Easier and faster navigation.

⇢ Development of the site's audience (SEO Friendly development).

⇢ Improved conversion rate and increased requests for qualified contacts.

⇢ Updating of text content and visuals that have become obsolete.

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