Social Media Advertising

The promotion of online campaigns with full optimization!

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Generation of Leads and Traffic

Oneclic Agency has accumulated expertise to ensure a large portfolio of leads for your business.

We have a special focus on attracting and creating traffic through the most up-to-date and developed sources to guarantee you relevant leads such as online advertising (website & social media) and SEO.

To bring you a largely reliable and efficient community in terms of responsiveness, OneclicAgency is essentially based on "lead nurturing".

The main goal is to feed and nourish the prospect throughout the advertising cycle with well-studied, attractive and original content, allowing to bring him towards the phase of awareness and maturity to finally lead to the first contact, which in turn will readjust it to make its reservation or purchase act.

Digital Marketing & «Ads» Companions

OneClic Agency assists you throughout the implementation of your digital animation strategy for your social media pages, and helps you expand your online presence in order to increase your visibility and preserve your e-reputation.

Together, we determine the purposes of your presence on the web: global digital communication, testing and promotion of your activity, etc ...

We are therefore committed to identifying the measurable indicators that support us in confirming the success of your community animation project.


With E-mail Marketing

Get out of your bubble with pleasant emailing campaigns to schedule in a few clicks!
Creating a professional marketing email has never been easier or easier!
OneClic Agency ensures the promotion of your brand through perfectly designed emails!
With our expertise in content writing and personalization, we'll help you stand out from the crowd!
OneClic Agency will take care of the hard part!
Send your email marketing campaign at the right time for each of your contacts with our sophisticated features.
Just click on the button and let our smart algorithm do its job!

Le SMS Marketing

Today everyone has a cell phone, SMS are therefore a very efficient and fast way to communicate quickly around information with mobile users!

SMS marketing consists of sending promotional campaigns in the form of text messages (SMS).

These messages are specially intended to communicate promotions and offers limited in time, notifications or alerts to mobile users interested in the information communicated.

OneClic Agency ensures the realization of your promotional purposes via SMSing, because more than a simple marketing gesture, we will help to design the best advertising message and define the excellent performance criteria so that your SMS is consulted immediately!


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