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Graphic And Digital Design

Graphic and digital design consists of creating, selecting and using graphic elements such as images, colors, but also designs and typefaces.

The goal is to develop an original and representative visual communication combining image and text.

Whether on a screen or on a printed medium, OneClic Agency is launching itself to distinguish you from others in all the Design professions:

  • Graphic design
  •  Design digital
  • Brand design
  • Infographics
  • Motion design

To fully satisfy you, we innovate and shape your adjustable graphic charter on a large basket of communication media:

Commercial brochure, brochure, leaflet ...

  • Business card, letterhead, envelope, invoice, product sheet, catalog ...
  • Poster, flyer, invitation ...
  • Packaging et goodies…
  • Signs, signage, stand and window dressing, vehicle wrapping ...

Artistic Studio

Whatever your idea or your concept, our artistic direction will help you to clarify it and transform it into an image.

Meeting your expectations is our ultimate concern, our studio is yours.

Our artistic team helps you determine the message to circulate, the design to favor as well as the colors to favor.

The perception of an image, a given message, an action or a speech differs from one target to another, given the culture and values of each of us, hence the need for the introduction of sociological and psychological aspect in our creations in order to meet the maximum possible expectations.

Headed by an artistic director endowed with a refined taste, and a flawless imagination, our studio never ceases to follow artistic trends, the challenge is therefore to promote the brand of your Business!


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